What is Iconmaschine?

By default, third-party plugins and user libraries in Native Instruments Maschine all have the same generic graphic.

Iconmaschine is a cloud-based image tool that allows you to quickly add and customize images for your NI Maschine Software and NI Maschine Studio Sample kits, 3rd-party VST instruments/effects and Kontakt Player libraries.

Upload your own artwork and in 3 simple steps, Iconmaschine will auto-size your images and create all the files for kits. No renaming files or image software needed.

NOTE: The current version of iconmaschine may NOT support Maschine MK3 or Komplete Kontrol MK2. We will be upgrading the app to support this shortly. 



Add custom images for your user libraries and plugins in less than 1 minute!


Create up to 5 kits for Free


Upgrade to an unlimited access, premium account for a one-time payment of $10.