1. 2.8 Tweak for ALL ONE-SHOTS and LOOPs (WORKAROUND)

The 2.8 updates changed many things in the SAMPLES section (which is now called ALL ONE SHOTS). We will be updating the tutorials and the tool to work better with 2.8 over the coming weeks 

In the meantime, here are some tweaks to make this work:

  • After following all the steps to create your custom image kits (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dSdW8WgOyas&t=8s ),  the new thing in 2.8 is you also need to change the vendor name to ‘Native Instruments’ PROPERTIES in the tagging options.
  • In the ALL ONE SHOTS folder, select your folder library and/or all the samples within that folder, and click the EDIT button near the bottom:
    2.8 tutorial
  • Then go to the Vendor tab under PROPERTIES in the tag manager, select 'NATIVE INSTRUMENTS’ from the drop down and hit APPLY

    2.8 Tutorial
  • You can also add your custom images to the LOOP section by selecting the sample (in ALL ONE SHOTS), clicking the GENERAL tab and change to LOOP. Then change the vendor to NATIVE INSTRUMENTS in the properties section (as above). 
  • 2.8
  • 2.8

 2. I’m a complete beginner and did not know I could even customize images for my 3rd party plugins, libraries, etc. in the USER section. Where do I begin?

  • I want to create custom images for my 3rd-party User Samples libraries/Drumkits – Watch Video Tutorial
  • I want to create custom images for my 3rd-party Kontakt Player libraries – Watch Video Tutorial
  • I want to create custom images for my 3rd-party VST Effects/Instrument plugins – Watch Video Tutorial
  • If you don't want to watch the video, here's a great written tutorial (you can skip the image and file creation section since that's handled by iconmaschine) - click here to go to the site

3. How much does it cost? 

  • You can create up to 5 kits for free. After five kits, you will need to pay for unlimited access which is a one-time $15 cost. You can use a credit card or Paypal. 

4. Can I get my money refunded if I don't like the tool?

  • We hope that the free trial gives you a good idea of iconmaschine's functionality before signing up for unlimited access. However, if you're not satisfied within one week (7 days) after purchase, we will refund your money for any reason. Just email [email protected]

5. What happens if NI removes support for custom images or they release native functionality for custom images within a future Maschine software release? 

  • If this happens within 30 days after purchase, email [email protected] and we will refund your money.

6. Can I use any image with the tool?

  • In short, YES. Usually, I fire up Google image search to find images or copy images from the plugin or sample company's websites. The images you use in these kits are for personal use only. They are not to be resold, as they may include copyrighted and/or trademarked images. 
  • Any images with porn or profanity will be removed from the Community section - but obviously fine for personal use... hey, whatever inspires you, use it!!

7. Where do I put the folder with the new images I just created with Iconmaschine?

  • MAC - Unzip the folder and move the folder to the /users/shared/ni resources/image folder 
  • PC - Unzip the folder and move the folder to the  C:\Users\Public\Documents\NI Resources\image folder

8. Can I add custom images to user Groups or Sounds?

  • Unfortunately not. If you know a hack for this, please email me using the contact form and we will add this functionality.

9. Most common issue - I put the unzipped folder into the /ni resources/image folder on my Mac or PC, but I’m still not seeing the images. What's the deal?

  • Third-Party VST/AU Instruments or Effects Plugins - Watch Video Tutorial
    • First, you need to be sure you saved the plugin in the Maschine browser. You do this by loading your plugin and clicking “Save As” to the User Library (see this video tutorial for more info).
    • When you save the image kit in STEP 4 inside iconmaschine, you need to make sure the name is EXACTLY the same as the plugin name or developer in the Maschine plugin list. The grouping of plugins by developer/manufacturer happened after the NI Mascihne 2.4 update. One thing to note is that many plugins use the name of the developer. For example, the VST instrument, Sylenth, would be saved under the developer name 'LennarDigital'. So, you would type 'LennarDigital' into the image kit field in STEP 4 of iconmaschine, not Sylenth (see below).
    • If you have multiple plugins under one developer (e.g Sugar Bytes - Looperator, Egoist, Effectrix, etc ) you can create images for each individual plugin. Create your images in STEP 1-3,  SAVE & DOWNLOAD in STEP 4, unzip the plugin folder into the main folder of the developer (e.g. the  /user/shared/ni resources/image/Sugar Bytes/Looperator) with the exact name of the plugin as it appears in Maschine's properties for the preset.  This will give the plugin it's own independent image.  The developer image will still serve as a fallback for any other plugins by that developer that do not have a folder with images created. - shout out to Bishara Levon for this tip!
    • Special characters in the developer’s name will screw things up. For example, 'nusfoting.com' or 'Audio Damage, Inc.',will not work. Maschine pulls the developer name from the plugin, so there is no way to change it. - shout out to @skywaylabs for the info!
  • Third-Party Kontakt Player Libraries - Watch Video Tutorial
    • First, be sure you imported the Kontakt library under Maschine2/Preferences/Library/User and add the Kontakt Player library OR add the Kontakt plugin in the Kontakt Player under - Libraries/Add Library -
    • Ensure the name of the Kontakt Player library you entered in Step 4 of iconmaschine matches the Kontakt library you imported, and there are no special characters. IMPORTANT: You can only add custom images to Native Instruments Certified Third-Party Kontakt Player libraries (basically, the ones that you register through  NI Service Center). Yeah I know, I was pissed about this too!
  • User Samples Libraries-  Watch Video Tutorial
    • First, be sure you added your sample library/kit under Maschine2/Preferences/Library/User.  Add the folder that contains your sample library (see tutorial video for more info)
    • Sample libraries have the most flexibility out of all the others for adding custom images. You should have 100% success with adding images for your sample libraries. If you have an issue, it will most likely be due to special characters or the sample library folder name and imagekit name (in Step 4 of iconmaschine) not matching. 
  • After you make your fixes, close the Maschine software and restart. You should see the images immediately in the Maschine software browser in the USER sections of Samples, Instruments, etc. If you own a Maschine Studio and do not see the images in the Browser or Plugin section, but see the images in the Maschine software, try restarting your computer.

Big shout to Maschine Tutorials, Maschine Masters and VIPSoundlab! They were the first to bring this knowledge forward to the Maschine community. We just made this tool to make it a little easier for everyone